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Международное партнерство
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A mini-site of the future star

Together with the goods we offer mini-site address имя_фамилия, or at the request of the parents, or the schoolboy desired
The mini-site you can:
  • tell about the child, his current Hobbies and achievements.
  • to place the information about parents
  • publish photo albums, video albums
  • to place children's work, portfolio
  • desires, who wants to become a


Mini-site is required for:
  • inspiration for the development of talent
  • the formation of the status of the future star, celebrity
  • invitations to the future star participate in TV shows, advertising, cinema
  • participation of future celebrities in tournaments, competitions
  • grants
  • create a portfolio
  • opportunities of people with the same interests, correspondence



The project "Kids Art Gallery", product development talent in children, the stars of the future celebrities - ideal for charity. With meager cash investments to guide the development of more children on the path of self-realization, achievement, it can be said the most important goals in life - it's cool! ...


Among the partners in the international project gr. companies "Russian Innovations" sees: the investors, the national universities .... publishers, professional and creative unions, retailers, factories producing plastic products, design offices...


Social life is always in a state of waiting, the new administration of the region, from the governments to the new country of crucial decisions, drastic shifts. Partnership with a group of companies "Russian Innovations" will allow the supervisor to become a favorite socially oriented innovator


Universities, academies, institutes of the proposed partnership, significantly beyond the current project, the realisation of which will be a competitive advantage. Desired partners: pedagogical, humanitarian, medical and other Universities...