The young doctor art-workroom
The young doctor art-workroomThe young doctor art-workroomThe young doctor art-workroom, stickerThe young doctor art-workroom, picturesColor packing "The best present"Packing
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The young doctor art-workroom


If your child loves to play in the hospital, has treated all teddy bears, dolls. Asks you to buy children's medical kit, and a robe, measures you temperature and listens to the chest -be sure that you have a future doctor. Dream to cure people from all diseases will lead the child into the profession of doctor. And you should definitely help and support this dream.

The technology “National” will help the child in the choice of his profession, they will not stole his childhood, and gradually fail to realize his talent in a particular area. You can already make the corner of a young doctor with galleries KidsArtGallery. In the gallery you can post drawings of the child on the medical theme, pictures of a doctor and other interesting facts from the fields of medicine. Colorful panoramic sticker and the headband pictures will denote the career choice of your child.

Package contents:
- Art gallery - 2 stands with colored cells
- Picture - 2 laminated sheets of A4 format
- Panoramic sticker "The young doctor art- workroom!" - 1 piece, size - 26х75 cm
- Holder kit items - 1 set
- CD ROM with the educational methods of the future doctor (in development)
- The small flag of the project KidsArtGallery
- Plastic pointer
- Rope system

Type the characters you see in the picture above.

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