Innovative technologies for charity
The main innovative idea consists in the universality of goods “NATIONAL”. It allows to make the foundation's work more flexible and comfortable. 
Practically, the same product can be active and long-used by different recipients:
- individuals
- kindergartens 
- schools 
- extracurricular institutions
For this purpose the company “National” has developed such series of Art Galleries as "The Kid", "The Firebird" and "Our class" 
All goods are put logos of Charitable Foundation or the name of a patron (optional).
It is also possible to make bannerettes (flags) with logo of the charitable foundation. 
Prefabricated stands are packed in cardboard boxes of suitcase type, colorfully decorated in a corporate style of the charitable foundation.
The other innovative idea consists in the multilevel system of work - from local to international. 
It means, that the multi-faceted creative work around the charitable foundation unfolds with the tools and technologies of “NATIONAL”.
The third innovative idea is the integration component: work around charities can be integrated through the project “Kids Art Gallery”, creating a lot of cumulative innovations.
Public information support of the grantee in the workplace: illustrative material from the fund, personal business card of the grantee,  news pages, ades.
Activation of the creative work of the Fund staff: a highly-effective tool for the initiatives, activities, competitions