Patrons or charitable foundations’ participation in a Global Super Project
Long- years experience let the group of companies “Russian Innovations” to create technologies and methods for bringing up outstanding personalities such as celebrities, stars, talents. Even if it was an home education. We offer to bring up not only classical “star” jobs like musicians, singers or artists but also some usual jobs like  a teacher, a doctor, an engineer etc., because they are very important for our society.  These educational methods base on the unique  equipment developed by our company. 
Global Super Project includes:
1. The unit for the parents  -  with a possibility of choice by child or teenager  the direction of  his/her own interests, hobbies not connected to a school education, which could be his/her future job. 
2. The unit for a children organizations (preschool education) -  for synchronization both school and home creativity. 
3. The unit for schools – continuation of synchronization both school and home creativity
4. The unit for organizations – the access a future star to a various  organizations
5. The unit of partnership – partnership between universities,  publishers, government, distributors , charity funds in a bringing up a future star process.
6. Future stars’ mini-sites – the users of products and technologies.
Some examples of home area decoration  
The target of the project: 
Lending the equipment to grantees (it could be poor families, schools, orphanages) which makes self-realization maximal. Charitable Foundation will have a perfect multifunctional tool for every-day work with a wide range of grantees.