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Date added: 01/01/2015 Collaboration with the Union of Charitable Organization of Russia (SBOR)

18th of December our team had the meeting with Vladimir Riabtsev chief Director of SBOR (Union of Charitable Organization of Russia). During the meeting we have made the presentation of our products for hospitals’ and schools’ decoration, we also have given the special art-gallery for children pictures. A few days later we signed the commitment letter about joint charitable actions and collaboration conditions.

Within the National Charitable Program “Billion in Small Change” we join the action focused on financial gathering for ill children. We urge all not indifferent people to help with feasible means. Let’s save children together!


Сергей Китов

Sergey Kitov, 11 years old

Adress :Penza, Russia

Clinical diagnosis: chronic renal failure, end-stagerenal failure.


Needs money: 560 000 rub (approximately 7500 Euro) for buying cycler

Already has been gathered: 94 728, 20 rub from 560 000 rub.


Ваня Салюков

Vanya Salukov

Age:5 years

Adress:Russia, Ulyanovsk

Clinical diagnosis: chronic renal failure, end-stage.
Needs:  peritoneal dialysis.
Needs money: 560 000 rubles for the purchase of cycler.


TELEPHONE FOR CONTACTS: +7 (495) 225-13-16