ITS allows:
1. to create the informational (visual) stand you need;
2. to locate your children’s’ pictures, images, posters or national ornaments, symbols and other signs in one certain place at home;
3. to involve more people in your children’s creative process;
4. to organize own creative home space and synchronize both home and school (preschool) creative processes;
Connecting to the statement “Your child will be a star with us” our company focuses on:
* revealing a hidden potential of your child
* observation how your child’s interests are changing
* activation an external and an internal motivation of creative development
* decision about finally profession when a child is teen-aged
* new forms and technologies of advertising of some professions
For ITS technologies is important to differ children by age and gender (preschool children, school children, primary school, secondary school). Definitely, the best result in a child education will be achieved from the very beginning - preschool education with using ITS systems.