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Young Writer`s Area



If your child likes to write poetry, short stories, you should support him in this creative endeavor. Writing stories or poems in childhood develops... More 

Minimum quantity for "Young Writer`s Area" is 1.

The young designer’s corner



Does your child want to become a super designer? If he has a spatial and creative thinking, artistic imagination, the sense of taste he is already... More 

The young businessman corner



Nowadays children want to become a businessmen, to earn big money. Leadership qualities, professional intuition, analytical mind, having the propensity... More 

The mobile corner of child’s creativity “The star box”

"The star box" is a children's suitcase, backpack, box, in some cases even a shoes’ box, a box for household goods with logo... More 

The School stand “Sports and Creative Achievements”



Engagement in sports or creative circles is very popular among children now. A lot of pupils have already reached some heights, received their first... More 

The Sticker “Sporting Achievements of Children”

The sticker of sports achievements is for design of classrooms of secondary school pupils. We do not recommend placing stickers on the wall near the... More 

Our children’s achievements corner

CODE: RU1701


Our children’s achievements corner

The young musician corner



The decoration of young musician corner

Уголок музыкально-художественной деятельности в группе детсада

CODE: 21376


Музыкальные занятия являются важным этапом музыкального воспитания детей. В результате ребенок приобретает самый большой, в сравнении с другими видами... More